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Jrock Zombies

all the little fangirls

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Yosh! Welcome to Jrock Zombies! Every one has a little bit of zombie in them, come let it out!

Have you ever looked for a jrock community that wasn't full of idiots! Heres the place to be. No posts full of computer speak, and no out of control spam! We may still be very new, but our members are not!

1) Fill out your 'request to join' questionaire, and send it to jrock_zombies@hotmail.com. Please remember to put in your user name, or we will not know who you are. This is first and most important rule. If you do not do this, you will not become a member.
2) No posts full of computer speak. " OHEMGEE! WUT IZ SUP! lyke kawaii!! " is NOT acceptable. We all like to joke around, but don't take it to far, it will be deleted and you will get a strike.
3) After 3 strikes you are out.
4) You are able to post almost anything that has to do with jrock. NO fanfiction! Not all of it is bad, but most of it is.

Good Example: If you find a picture of Miyavi or Kyo (or any jrocker really) that you like, you can make a post with that picture to share it with all of us. BUT make sure its under a properly labeled cut, and warnings if needed.
BAD Example: Spamming the community with 30 posts in one day. If you want to post, you can make one or two in a day. You can make them as long as live journal allows it, till your fingers turn blue! BUT remember, use a properly labeled cut after 1 or 2 paragraphs, and of course Warnings if needed.

As a reminder. There will be NO bashing of members or the general community. If you have an childish issues, grab a tissue and go else where.

All of this information is for MOD eyes only. We will not be giving it away for a dollar a pop or anything, so don't worry. If you still feel un sure, e-mail drummer_food, sugary_smile, or missshizuka.

Also, try to answer with more then a simple yes or no.

1) What is your user name:
2) What is your age:
3) What is your gender:
4) What country are you from:
5) What level of school are you in / have:

6) How long have you been into jrock:
7) Have you been in any other jrock communites:
8) Are you in many communites in general:
9) Give a list of bands / artist that you are into.
At least 5 of them must be jrock. No more then 50.

the REST
10) If you get rejected are you going to storm off and act like a child:
11) If you get accepted will you post us in your journals info:

First of all, our e-mail's are not here for you to send us spam. These are here if you need us and we arn't around. Please do not abuse the fact that they are here.
MOD drummer_food - eatmoi@hotmail.com
coMOD sugary_smile - raeya_13@hotmail.com
coMOD missshizuka - missshizuka@gmail.com


You can find the community banners here!